I’m sure all of you have seen my latest Instagram posts and stories from San Francisco. I was there with Biossance – a skincare brand that I got introduced to almost a year ago. The first Biossance product that I tried and fell in love with was the Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer (find it here). It worked very well on my skin, it was lightweight and made my skin feel more balanced. Since that day I’ve been a fan and it’s been one of the few skincare brands that actually works for me. So, when I got the request to go and visit Biossance Headquarters in San Francisco, the answer was obviously…Y E S ?!

We spent our first day at the HQ, it was me as well as six other influencers. We got to meet with the Biossance team and started the day with a little tour of their lab. We got personalized lab coats with our Instagram names embroidered on them, so cute! It was so interesting to see how everything was made and we even got a little sneak peak of some new products that will launch soon – I’m sooo excited! During this day I got to learn so much about skincare, for example, did you guys know that the in the US the standards for ingredients allowed in beauty products are very low? Only 11 ingredients are banned here, in Europe the number is 1376+ while Biossance list contains over 2000+ ingredients.

After a long, fun and informative day it was time to visit Sephora followed by an amazing dinner. Biossance sells their products in the US Sephora stores which is great if you want to see and feel their products in person, you can also shop them online here. We had dinner at a restaurant called Central Kitchen located in the Mission District. Their private room was beyond beautiful – the food was so amazing. It was great to get to talk to everyone and enjoy such a nice meal together before we headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

The next day I ate breakfast in bed and got ready with my favorite Biossance products. In the morning I use the Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel, the Squalane + Probiotic Moisturizer as well as a couple of drops of the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil in my foundation. This day my skin felt a bit dry so I added the moisturizer, other days I might skip it, it all depends on how my skin feels when I wake up. It’s been hard for me to find skincare products that I like since I break out very easily but Biossance has been so great on my skin. I can definitely say that my skin looks more even and a lot healthier now! 

After I got ready it was time to head to our next destination –  The Ritz at Half Moon Bay. On our way there we decided to stop at a Pumpkin Patch. It was my first time and I absolutely loved it, I think that if I didn’t live in the city I would seriously visit a pumpkin patch every weekend or day maybe haha. Now all I want to do is decorate my home with 1000 pumpkins and bundle up in a blanket with a cup of tea.

The Ritz in Half Moon Bay was amazing, it’s by far one of the most beautiful places that I’ve visited. We checked in and headed down to the spa for a very relaxing massage. We continued our day with makeovers, the very talented Katey Denno worked her magic on my face and it looked so pretty. I always like my make up very natural and she really made it look that way, kind of when I do my make up but 100 times better haha. I changed for dinner and we went out to take some pictures during the sunset, it was beyond beautiful. 

Next day it was time to go back home to the New York. I felt a bit tired so I decided to take a relaxing bath and order room service. I also got the chance to try out another trick on how to use my 100% Squalane Oil – put a couple of drops into the bath and when you are done you can add some to wet hair as well as your body. I mean let’s just say that my body felt soft like a baby when I was done haha. Squalane is one of Biossance main ingredients and it’s the best moisturizer(!!). The human body does actually produce Squalene but the amount we make and retain reduces over time. The Squalane that Biossance uses is 100% plant based and produced from sugarcane (:

This post is in collaboration with Biossance – the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. It feels really good for me to be able to work with a skincare brand that I genuinely love and can recommend! x

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